Growing your email list can be fun.

Every person on the planet wants to learn more about themselves. We're all on a journey of self-discovery, whether consciously or unconsciously. Use that to your advantage when growing your email list by formatting your "freebie" as a fun quiz!

grow your list with quizzes

Learn how to design, create, and use a quiz-based lead magnet to grow your email list like crazy.

Quizzes are one of the most effective ways to grow your email list.

A decade ago, we were obsessed with the Buzzfeed quizzes: what Disney princess are you? What romantic vacation should you go on? Who is your celebrity twin? What Game of Thrones character are you?

No matter the quiz, it's the same process. You answer a few quick questions, and the page spits out your answer. You get entertainment value, and they gather data behind the scenes to market further to you based on your preferences.

Now, thousands of business owners are using the same psychology behind those Buzzfeed quizzes to grow their email lists and attract their ideal clients. 

Stop pitching PDFs to a cold audience.

Invite your ideal client into your circle with a fun, engaging, and interactive free quiz. It's 2020 - time to do things differently.

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