Become an Auxilium Affiliate.

Calling all online entrepreneurs, educators, and digital course enthusiasts!
Let's work together to spread the love of knowledge through empowerment, education, and profit.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

That's an affiliate relationship with Auxilium Virtual, Inc., promoting our Digital Launch Lab programs.
If you serve online entrepreneurs, chances are you're probably a good fit to be an affiliate.

The Digital Launch Lab is an online membership of monthly training that supports course creators and membership owners in bringing their own program to life.

Our courses and workshops are designed with the scrappy, creative entrepreneur in mind. They're centered around preparing an online business owner to build, launch, and scale their digital course or membership.

Regardless of the type of offer (course, membership, coaching program, book launch, live masterclass, etc.), every business owner needs a digital marketing strategy to sell their programs.

Which means -- you guessed it -- they don't need to have an online course or membership to benefit from our content.
Starting from scratch is totally cool.

If your audience could benefit from learning how to:

  • Create a Facebook ad
  • Beef up their sales-speak confidence
  • Create a course
  • Design a membership
  • Grow an email list
  • Share their story on social media
  • Show up more effectively in their marketing
  • And more!

Then they'd absolutely benefit from a looksie at one of our mini courses.

At the end of the day, the Digital Launch Lab helps online business owners design a business model that works for them through recurring and passive streams of revenue, giving them more time, more freedom, and more money to do what they really want to do.

So... do you know someone who could benefit?

What's in it for you?

Affiliate Commission

We'll give you a commission payout for each sale. That's right - this is a deal where you can MAKE money. Commission payouts are calculated from the total price of one-time course purchases & membership subscriptions.

Instant Value Add

If you're a bookkeeper or Facebook ad strategist who regularly helps course creators and other business owners with their digital offer, you've just made your relationship with that client that much more valuable by introducing them to all this goodness.

A Sampling of Courses for Yourself

You don't need to take our courses to promote them, but it certainly helps, right?! As an affiliate, we'll offer you a complimentary month in our membership, the Digital Launch Lab, where you'll receive access to a number of mini courses to try us out.