Record Your Course in a Weekend

Learn the most efficient ways to create your course content in just one weekend without sacrificing quality or content.

Hosted by Britney, the Course Creation Coach

Instead of being your own worst enemy, you can become your own hero.

You're great behind the scenes. You feel comfortable planning, writing notes upon notes of content that just needs to be recorded and uploaded.

You're even at ease on a Zoom call, where you're speaking with another human client and you can read their body language.

But you haven't recorded your course yet.

You're worried.

Afraid that no one will like what you have to say.
Afraid you'll sound stupid and say "um" and "ah" too many times.
Afraid your video quality (hello, iPhone video) isn't going to be up-to-snuff.

And you've talked yourself out of recording because all those concerns and fears seem like a totally legitimate reason to not put yourself out there. Permanently. On video. Recorded.

It's time to create your course.

In this course, you're going to learn the technical basics needed to build your digital course content from behind your desk.

You're going to master your mindset around appearing on camera, so you can feel confident and look engaging and animated when recording.

You're going to get your course content recorded.

Show Your Face on Camera. Confidently.

Maintain Your Productivity and Stay Organized While Recording.

No Need to Learn More Tech. Use What You've Got.

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